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Submission of papers

Two kinds of submissions are solicited:

  1. Papers for invited sessions.
  2. Papers for contributed sessions.

A proposal for an invited session should be submitted by the session organizers via the session registration form. For both kinds of submissions, only abstracts are required. Each session consists of four 30-minute talks. All submissions will be reviewed by the programme committee.

To submit your abstract, please use the LaTeX file which can be downloaded here. The abstract should not exceed 20 lines. If possible, please compile the abstact-file on your machine to make sure that your abstract fits into the frame. Abstracts which are too long will be shortened.

Abstracts should be sent electronically to


February 1, 1999 Submission of invited sessions
March 1, 1999 Submission of all abstracts
April 1, 1999 Acceptance notification

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