Documentation of Locally Installed Software Packages

This is a small selection of those software packages where documentation is available in HTML. Most of these packages are installed on Thales and/or Turing only.
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Apache 1.3.0
Documentation of our webservers on Thales and Titania.
Bash 2.02.1
Popular ``Bourne Again Shell'' from the GNU utilities, available on all Suns.
Berkeley DB
DBM-like library that supports dynamic hashes, B*-trees, numbered records of fixed or variable size, concurrent access and transactions. We have version 4.1.25 installed on all Suns with Solaris 9 and sufficient disk space. Two Perl interfaces are available: DB_File (older interface) and BerkeleyDB (newer interface, does not work with old databases). Note that our Solaris 8 installations have release 2.7.7 and do not provide the BerkeleyDB Perl interface module.
Bind 8.2.2-P5
DNS daemon, running on Titania.
Boost 1.36.0 Library
Boost is a C++ library that, among other things, provides an implementation of the upcoming ISO/IEC TR 19768: C++ Library Extensions TR1 standard.
The BSCW (Basic Support for Cooperative Work) project at GMD FIT is developing tools to support cooperative work over the Web. The basis for this work is the BSCW 'shared workspace' system - an extension to a standard Web server which supports document upload, event notification, group management and much more.
BSD Sockets
BSD Sockets: A Quick And Dirty Primer by Jim Frost.
Bzip2 is a new compression utility with significant improvements in comparison to gzip. The homepage of bzip2 may be found at
Emil v2 is a filter for converting Internet Messages. It supports three basic formats: MIME, SUN Mailtool and plain old style RFC822.
Apache Formatting Objects Processor (FOP)
Apache FOP formats and renders XSL-FO input into a variety of output formats, including PDF and PostScript.
Geometrical Software
Collection of software packages of the Geometry Center of the University of Minnesota.
GIMP 0.52
General Image Manipulation Program. Don't forget to copy /usr/local/lib/gimp/gimprc to .gimprc in your home directory before starting gimp for the first time.
Glimpse is a very powerful indexing and query system that allows you to search through all your files very quickly. It can be used by individuals for their personal file systems as well as by organizations for large data collections. Installed on Turing.
AFPL Ghostscript 7.0
Ghostscript converts PostScript and PDF files into a large number of formats.
GTK+ 1.1.3 (GIMP Toolkit)
GTK is a free (LGPL) library for creating graphical user interfaces similar to the Motif ``look and feel''.
Harvest 1.4.pl2
Distributed search engine from University of Colorado, Boulder.
ht://Dig Search Engine
Search Engine for web sites.
Gateway to Emacs info files.
Java & HotJava
Documentation of the Java Language and the HotJava WWW-Browser. Currently, HotJava is available on Kepler only. Alternatively, netscape2 on Thales may be used to run Java Applets but note that netscape2 is unable to run the demos for HotJava due to some incompatibilities.
Java in a Nutshell
This is a local copy of the examples of this book.
larswm is a minimal window manager that allows to perform all window operations without using the mouse.
Converts LaTeX into HTML. The most current version 96.1 is installed on Turing, an older version is available at Thales (old documentation).
Documentation of Lynx, a WWW browser for ASCII terminals. Additionally, there is a home page of Lynx available.
Macaulay 2
Macaulay 2 is a software system devoted to support research in algebraic geometry and commutative algebra. Installed on Thales, Turing, and Neron.
Allows to create image maps for WWW. Note that our WWW-server expects the CERN format.
An Email-to-HTML converter. Installed on Thales, Theseus, and all other Solaris 7 installations. The homepage of this package is to be found at
Checks our webpages.
We have msql-2.0-B4 from Hughes Technologies installed on Turing.
Sun documentation about their MPI implementation. Installed on Theseus.
Mutt Version 1.5.4i
Mutt is a mail reader developed by Michael Elkins. It supports MIME, attachments, PGP, mailboxes in maildir format, POP, IMAP, and IMAP over SSL.
We have mysql-4.0.9 from MySQL AB installed on all larger Solaris 9 installations including Theseus.
simulation of simple 0-, 1-, 2-, 3-address and register machines.
daemons and support for network time protocol.
Manual pages of perl. Installed on all Suns.
Pretty Good Privacy -- Strong Cryptography for the Masses.
PHP 3.0.12
PHP has been installed as /usr/local/bin/php on Turing for experimental purposes and must not be copied in any cgi directory.
Pine 4.21
Pine is available on all Suns. Please note that we are using a patched version that supports maildir format of Qmail.
Slide presentations on base of LaTeX and PDF.
Procmail is a powerful filtering tool for incoming email messages.
PostScript Tutorial
PostScript Tutorial (in German language) by Holger Gehringer, presented on December 7th at our seminar.
Message transport agent by Dan Bernstein. In use on all Solaris 8 machines (including Turing) and for and on Titania.
Qt 2.3.1
Graphical User Interface (GUI) Library by Trolltech. Installed on Thales, Turing and all Sun Ultra 5's in the path /usr/local/qt-2.3.1.
The RiskWatch application is a comprehensive and flexible software solution that provides a complete set of methodologies to help you measure, monitor, simulate, and restructure financial risk. Installed on Theseus.
SAFT / sendfile
SAFT is a protocol for transferring files asynchronously (like e-mails) and sendfile is an implementation of SAFT for UNIX (installed on Thales).
Guide for HTML and associated themes (in German language) by Stefan Münz
SGML Tools
SGML is a standard documentation format for Linux and some other systems that may be converted into a large number of other formats including plain text output (ASCII and ISO-8859-1), DVI, PostScript, HTML, GNU info, LyX, and RTF.
A powerful but very friendly NNTP based newsreader which runs on terminals -- installed on Thales and Turing.
Our firewall for emails (running on Turing and Titania).
ssh FAQ
Secure shell -- to be preferred over rlogin or telnet.
star and its friends by Jörg Schilling are pretty useful for backup and other tasks.
A simple and fast index machine.
Taylor UUCP
This service is installed on Titania.
Tcl (tool command language) is an embeddable scripting language.
Toolkit with widgets for Tcl and perl.
TTH is yet another TeX to HTML converter. We have installed the freely downloadable version for non-commercial usage on Thales (release 1.9). More about it may be found at the home page of TTH.
Ulm's Modula-2 System
Ulm's Modula-2 compiler and associated libraries.
Ulm's Oberon System
Ulm's Oberon compiler and associated libraries.
CAD-system that supports parametric modelling and CAD applications development.
Supports copying of web trees.
CD-Player Utility for Audio CDs.
Tool for viewing, converting and processing images in various formats. You might be interested in the official home page of xv as well.

More documentation is available through
Andreas Borchert, January 30, 2003