Macaulay 2

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Macaulay 2 is a software system devoted to supporting research in algebraic geometry and commutative algebra. The current version is 0.8.42. The program is still under development, but most of the main features are working. We are eager to help new users get started with it.

  • User's Guide

    Here are the basic concepts needed to use Macaulay 2 effectively.
  • acknowledgements
  • copyright and license
  • how to get this program
  • resources required
  • reading the documentation
  • getting started
  • mathematical overview
  • programming overview
  • translating programs from Macaulay
  • plans for the future
  • the authors
  • Mathematical Vignettes

    In this section we present some tutorials which aim to introduce the user to some mathematical ways of using Macaulay 2. The tutorials are relatively independent of each other, and each one introduces the use of some features of Macaulay 2 in a slow and leisurely way, assuming the reader is already familiar with the mathematical concepts involved. David Eisenbud joins us as a co-author of these tutorials.
  • Elementary uses of Groebner bases
  • Canonical Embeddings of Plane Curves and Gonality
  • Fano varieties
  • Divisors
  • Homological Algebra 2
  • Reference Manual

    This section is intended to offer detailed documentation on every aspect of the system of interest to users.
  • invoking the program
  • classes
  • operators
  • Thing
  • programming
  • mathematics
  • executing other programs
  • debugging
  • system
  • help functions
  • syntax
  • obsolete functions and symbols
  • Developer's Corner

  • engine
  • internals
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