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Subject: Re: How old is PERL ?
Date: 29 Sep 1995 20:31:06 GMT
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> How old is PERL ?  When did Larry start working on it ?

Larry began working on Perl in 1987, if memory serves correct, when we were
getting the Configuration Management process for the BLACKER A1 MLS Network
up. Larry was tasked with coming up with the system; we were sharing an office
at that time (at System Development Corporation in Santa Monica) were I was
one of the system architects for the BLACKER Access Control Center. We had a
classified network, with three machines in Santa Monica CA, and three machines
in Paoli PA. Larry decided to use news to do CM tracking, and modified inews
to keep article numbers in sync, and to be able to append to a previously
posted article. He then wrote rn macros to append to articles. Next, he had to
write the CM reports. He discovered he couldn't walk through the usenet spool
directories using the version of awk that we had, and, being lazy and
impatient (two of the three marks of a good programmer), developed a general
purpose tool was born -- Perl. This background explains why the format
statement is present, and the original expansion for the name perl
(Pathetically Eclectic Rubbish Lister).

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