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Errors - general interface for error handlers


CONST debug = 0;
CONST message = 1;
CONST warning = 2;
CONST error = 3;
CONST fatal = 4;
CONST bug = 5;
CONST nkinds = 6;
TYPE Kind = SHORTINT; (* debug..bug *)
VAR kindText: ARRAY nkinds OF ARRAY 12 OF CHAR;
TYPE Handler = PROCEDURE (event: Events.Event; kind: Kind);
TYPE HandlerSet = POINTER TO HandlerSetRec;
TYPE HandlerSetRec = RECORD (Disciplines.ObjectRec) END;
TYPE WriteProcedure = PROCEDURE (s: Streams.Stream; event: Events.Event);
VAR null: HandlerSet; (* empty handler set *)

PROCEDURE CreateHandlerSet(VAR hs: HandlerSet); PROCEDURE InstallHandler(hs: HandlerSet; kind: Kind; handler: Handler); PROCEDURE AssignWriteProcedure(eventType: Events.EventType; write: WriteProcedure); PROCEDURE Write(s: Streams.Stream; event: Events.Event); PROCEDURE CatchEvent(hs: HandlerSet; kind: Kind; type: Events.EventType);


Errors defines a general interface for event-driven error handling. To allow some flexibility in the sort of reaction, a classification of events is introduced:
Intended for events which are convenient for debugging or tracing.
Suitable for notification events.
Intended for notifications which indicate a problem or errors which do not lead to failures.
Indicates a failure which allows further processing.
Intended for serious failures which should lead to process termination.
Suitable for programming errors which are comparable to runtime faults. Handlers of bug events are expected to abort execution.

A handler set defines a handler for each kind of events. CreateHandlerSet creates a new handler set and initializes it to the empty set. By default, all events are ignored (empty handler). InstallHandler installs a handler for the given class of events for hs.

Many events contain additional components which contain interesting information beyond the simple text of the message component. AssignWriteProcedure allows to attach a specific write procedure to an event type. Write calls either a previously assign write procedure or, in the default case, copies event.message to s.

CatchEvent associates kind with the given event type and causes the appropiate handler of hs to be called if type is raised.


defines a standard handler set
general event handling

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