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FTPPriorities - priorities of the core tasks of a FTP server


CONST timer = 0;        (* FTPTimers: Timer *)
CONST log = 100;        (* FTPLogPrinter: Logger *)
CONST command = 200;    (* FTPEngine: Handler *)
CONST data = 300;       (* FTPDataStreams: Listener and Connector *)
CONST writer = 400;     (* FTPEngine: Responser *)
CONST reader = 500;     (* FTPEngine: Listener *)


FTPPriorities defines the priorities that are used for PriorityJobs for the core tasks of a FTP server. The top priorities are given to the listener that reads incoming commands and the responser that sends the return message to minimize latency times in the main communication channel.

The tasks that are responsible for the transmission of data operate at medium priorities. This, for example, causes the return code of a PORT command to be returned before the server tries to establish a connection to the given port.

Logging and timeout management are running at lower priority values.


The given system of priorities opens the risk that logging information for already processed commands is lost if the FTP server process is killed in between or if logging fails for other reasons (no disk space available etc).


FTPDataStreams, FTPEngine, FTPLogPrinter, FTPTimers, PriorityJobs
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