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HTTPResponse - write HTTP-structures to a stream


PROCEDURE StatusLine(s: Streams.Stream; code: INTEGER;
                     versionMajor, versionMinor: SHORTINT);
PROCEDURE Allow(s: Streams.Stream; methods: ARRAY OF CHAR);
PROCEDURE CacheControl(s: Streams.Stream; mechanism: SET);
PROCEDURE Connection(s: Streams.Stream; tokens: ARRAY OF CHAR);
PROCEDURE ContentBase(s: Streams.Stream; baseURL: ARRAY OF CHAR);
PROCEDURE ContentEncoding(s: Streams.Stream; encoding: ARRAY OF CHAR);
PROCEDURE ContentLanguage(s: Streams.Stream; languages: ARRAY OF CHAR);
PROCEDURE ContentLength(s: Streams.Stream; length: LONGINT);
PROCEDURE ContentLocation(s: Streams.Stream; location: ARRAY OF CHAR);
PROCEDURE ContentType(s: Streams.Stream; type, subType, params: ARRAY OF CHAR);
PROCEDURE Date(s: Streams.Stream; date: Times.Time);
PROCEDURE ActualDate(s: Streams.Stream);
PROCEDURE EntityTag(s: Streams.Stream; eTag: ARRAY OF CHAR; weak: BOOLEAN);
PROCEDURE Expires(s: Streams.Stream; date: Times.Time);
PROCEDURE LastModified(s: Streams.Stream; date: Times.Time);
PROCEDURE Location(s: Streams.Stream; url: ARRAY OF CHAR);
PROCEDURE Pragma(s: Streams.Stream; directives: ARRAY OF CHAR);
PROCEDURE Public(s: Streams.Stream; methods: ARRAY OF CHAR);
PROCEDURE RetryAfter(s: Streams.Stream; isDelta: BOOLEAN; delta: LONGINT;
                     date: Times.Time);
PROCEDURE Server(s: Streams.Stream; info: ARRAY OF CHAR);
PROCEDURE TransferEncoding(s: Streams.Stream; encoding: ARRAY OF CHAR);
PROCEDURE Upgrade(s: Streams.Stream; products: ARRAY OF CHAR);
PROCEDURE Vary(s: Streams.Stream; fieldNames: ARRAY OF CHAR);
PROCEDURE WWWAuthenticate(s: Streams.Stream;
                          scheme, realm, param: ARRAY OF CHAR);
PROCEDURE Error(s: Streams.Stream; code: INTEGER; reason: ARRAY OF CHAR);


Writes HTTP-status-lines, HTTP-header fields or error texts to a stream. The necessary <cr>- and <lf>-characters are added.

StatusLine writes a status line to stream s. The necessary reason phrase is selected by the code. Status-line-version is HTTP/1.1.

Allow, CacheControl, Connection, ContentBase, ContentEncoding, ContentLanguage, ContentLength, ContentLocation, ContentType, Date, EntityTag, Expires, LastModified, Location, Pragma, Public, RetryAfter, Server, TransferEncoding, Upgrade, Vary and WWWAuthenticate write the name-corresponding header fields to stream s. ActualDate writes the actual date in a date header field to stream s.

Error writes an error-body to s. The text of this body will be determined by the given code-value and a reason which specifies the problem. The mediatype of the message is text/html.


stream operations
time stamps


Manfred Rueß, University of Ulm
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