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Ulm's Oberon Library:


Suffixes - Oberon related filename suffixes


CONST definitionSX   = ".od";
CONST moduleSX       = ".om";
CONST symfileSX      = ".sy";
CONST reffileSX      = ".r";
CONST objectSX       = ".o";
CONST archiveSX      = ".a";
CONST deflistingSX   = ".ld";
CONST modlistingSX   = ".l";
CONST symarchive     = "SYM";
CONST refarchive     = "REF";
CONST suffixlen      = 3;
CONST srcpattern     = "*.o[dm]";

VAR definitionS: ConstStrings.String; VAR moduleS: ConstStrings.String; VAR symfileS: ConstStrings.String; VAR reffileS: ConstStrings.String; VAR objectS: ConstStrings.String; VAR archiveS: ConstStrings.String; VAR deflistingS: ConstStrings.String; VAR modlistingS: ConstStrings.String; VAR symarchiveS: ConstStrings.String; VAR refarchiveS: ConstStrings.String;


Suffixes exports the filename suffixes of Oberon related files. All suffix strings are exported as string constants and variables of type ConstStrings.String. suffixlen specifies the maximal suffix inclusive the delimiting dot. srcpattern may be given to ScanDir to examine all Oberon sources of the current directory.


oc, ConstStrings, ScanDir
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