Lyrics Collection, Louis Armstrong

Louis Armstrong


(Marian Grudeff / Raymond Jessel) Hold your hats, the roof is 'bout to tumble in Holy cats, the walls and floors are crumblin' Hellzapoppin', hellzapoppin', hellzapoppin' The whole gang's whoopin' up the whoop-de-doo Me-oh-my, it's gonna be uproarious We'll fly high, tonight we'll be notorious Hellzapoppin', hellzapoppin', hellzapoppin' And you're invited to the party too Better look out, ain't no cook-out We're playin' this one by ear We're throwin' the book out It's a bash, the signs are unmistakable What a smash, we're breakin' all that's breakable There's no stoppin', hellzapoppin', why not drop in We won't stop until the night is through ------ instrumental break ------ We won't tire, we'll fly higher We'll be hotter than floor, a-than a floor on fire ??? Raise your glass, the party will be riotous What a gas, the cops will never quiet us There's no toppin', hellzapoppin', hellzapoppin' We'll be hellzapoppin' till the night is through