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IPC library

The IPC library

The inter-process communication library IPC provides a framework on which communication services can be easily built on top of TCP/IP. The IPC library implements an abstraction which is placed logically between the transport layer and the application layer of the TCP/IP protocol stack. The library does not define a new protocol or addressing scheme. Its only purpose is to reduce the complexity of network programming and to assist application programmers with various levels of expertise in programming correct and efficient network applications.

It is a well-known problem that the expenditure of implementing the communication part exceeds the implementation of the real application by far. The reduction of this often extrem disparity is a primary goal of the IPC library. Further properties and advantages of the IPC library are:

The IPC library functions provide a simple and convenient interface, hiding the details of network programming, and offer typical mechanisms and facilities to implement client/server applications in particular.

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