Plugin-based systems are an interesting approach to simple software systems. A successful example is the Eclipse IDE. One common problem in plugin-based systems is that concrete plugins do not know of each other. Therefore, they cannot use each other (directly). Thus, the organisation of content contributions by individual plugins is not a trivial tasks. An example are navigation structures (linear and hierarchic) which usually change through contributions by plugins - and depend on the "file system order" of the plugins.

We have already proposed ways to achieve self-organized linear and hierarchic structures of plugins, which can e.g. be used to organize menu/navigation structures. However, these results are more general. Furthermore, we are working on a self-organizing plugin architecture.

Another important part of our research related to Internet portals. A lot of frameworks exist to build such portals. However, all of them are huge and not as simple as possible. We are working to build a small event-based framework to allow for simple portal development - not much different from the development of desktop applications.


Former members:


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