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(Thanks to the Faculty of Mathematics and Economics at Ulm University (Germany) which hosts these web page. )

(Special thanks to Prof. Franz Schweiggert and Dr. Andreas Franz Borchert.)

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yaze-ag is designed to provide an exact simulation of the Z80 microprocessor on a

It is fast, emulates undocumented opcodes, and passes instruction regression tests against real Z80 hardware.

NEW in yaze-ag version 2.xx is the support of an emulated Memory Management Unit (MMU) and the BIOS which supports CP/M 3.1 .

YAZE-AG is a Z80-CPU-Emulator and NOT a CP/M-Emulator!

Inside the Emulator runs an original CP/M or a replacement of CP/M.

YAZE-AG uses the free CP/M 3.1 replacement "ZPM3N10" of Simeon Cran (bootfile "yaze-cpm3.boot") or the CP/M 2.2 replacement "Superdos" (bootfile "yaze.boot").


I took the idea of the page tables from Michael Haardt (see "Older version") and developed the MMU in YAZE-AG-2.xx.

This version runs CP/M 3.1 or ZPM3. I made a lot of changes in all modules to embed the MMU in the whole system and added the new module mem_mmu.c/mem_mmu.h.

In the BIOS3 (*.Z80-files) and the yaze-bios (ybios.c) I support also special features of CP/M 3.1 like date, disk-change, xmove and multi-I/O.

Yaze-ag-2.30.3 is a final release. I believe this version runs quite stable. Since the pre release 2.00 I got many positive feedbacks and three bug reports (see "Fixed Bugs" in yaze-ag.doc). The reread bug of connected (unix-/windows-)directories is solved!

Keytranslation: Begin with a new development cycle of version 2.32-xx (2015-01-14)

Keytranslation: Development version 2.31-12 (2014-12-28)

Final Release 2.30.3 (2014-01-24) (without keytranslation)

Final Release 2.30.2 (2013-11-20) (without keytranslation)

Keytranslation (2010-03-18)

Support of serial lines in final release 2.20.1

Bugfix in release 2.12.1

NEW Features in release 2.12

I will announce new versions in the NETNEWS in comp.os.cpm !

For new versions see the development directory and see there ChangeLog!

If you find an error feel free and send an email to me.

Tip: Run the new emulator and give the command "help yaze-ag support". ;-))

Or see the documentation (in HTML) which belongs to the new tar archive or to the new standalone binaries for windows.

yaze-ag-2.xx is a further development of yaze-1.10 (see "older version").

My English is not that good. I would be very delighted if anybody read my documentation and give a feedback. The documentation which I wrote is INSTALL-2.20, parts of yaze(1), README-2.20, yaze-ag.doc, README_BIOS3_Z80 and README_BOOTSYS.

(Tip: Use the document files in yaze-ag-2.30.3.tar.gz ;-))


BOOTSYS relocates the resident and banked part of a CPM3.SYS to their places into memory and starts CP/M 3.1.

I develop it because CPMLDR of DRI/Caldera and ZPM3LDR of Simeon Cran does not work with the big CPM3.SYS file (43 KB) in yaze-ag.

YAZE-AG-2.30.3 (final release 2.30.3 with CP/M 3.1) (Download)

Currently there are no known bugs (see "Fixed Bugs" in yaze-ag.doc).

The new feature of version 2.12 is described in "Mounting Directories with Time Stamps" in yaze-ag.doc.

The new feature of version 2.20.1 is described in "Serial Lines" in yaze-ag.doc.

The new feature of version 2.30.2 is described in "Import and Export utilities" in yaze-ag.doc.

A Makefile for the Raspberry Pi 1 computer is added in version 2.30.3.
There is a detail description how you install YAZE-AG on a Raspberry Pi 1 in INSTALL-2.30.3.

For new versions see the development directory and see there ChangeLog!

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PayPal - The safer, easier way to pay online! if you want to support this Open Source Project with software, services, hardware or money.

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Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Andreas Gerlich

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