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University of Ulm
Faculty of Computer Science
Department of Applied Information Processing
Testing of a Computer Program
on the Example of a Medical Application with Diversification and other Methods
presented by
Ingo Melzer
Care: Professor Dr. Franz Schweiggert
and Professor Dr. Helmuth Partsch
August 1996


Diabetes mellitus is a chronic disease which -- at least up to now -- cannot be healed. Since more than seven per cent of all Europeans suffer from this illness, it is absolutely necessary to do research  in this area. This requires precise, comparable documentations  on the course of diabetes sicknesses. It concerns dealing with huge amounts of data which can only be done by computer  programs  like, for instance, DPV  which has been developed at the University of Ulm.

To have a real chance of success, a high level of reliability of those software  products is essential. This forces among other things, testing of the involved programs. Possibilities for such software tests  , some information about diabetes mellitus , and the implementation of a black-box test  on DPV  will be given in this thesis .

Ingo Melzer
Mon Aug 5 15:12:01 MET DST 1996