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Prof. Dr. Irene Bouw



Helmholtzstr. 18, Room E 08


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Postal Address:

Universitaet Ulm
Institut fuer Reine Mathematik
D-89069 Ulm

Office Hours: Tuesday, 10.15-11.15

Algebraic Curves and Cryptography


Tame covers of curves: p-ranks and fundamental groups PhD thesis, available on request.
The p-rank of ramified covers of curves Comp. Math. 126(2001), no. 3, 295--322.
The p-rank of curves and covers of curves Courbes semi-stables et groupe fondamental en géométrie algébrique (Luminy, 1998), 267--277, Progr. Math., 187, Birkhäuser, Basel, 2000.
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Reduction of the Hurwitz space of metacyclic covers. Duke Math. J. 121 (2004), 75--111.
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The local lifting problem for dihedral groups. With Stefan Wewers. Duke Math J. 134 (2006), 412--452.
Rational functions with given monodromy on generic curves. With Stefan Wewers. problems from the workshop on "automorphisms of curves" (Leiden 2004). Rend. Sem. Math. Univ. Padova. 113 (2005), 129--177.
Invariants of ternary quadratic forms. Asterique, 312, 2007.
Pseudo-elliptic bundles, deformation data, and the reduction of Galois covers Habilitation thesis.
Indigenous bundles with nilpotent p-curvature. With Stefan Wewers. Internat. Math. Res. Notices (2006), 1-37.
Teichmueller curves, triangle groups, and Lyapunov exponents. With Martin Moeller. To appear in Annals of Math.
The accessory parameter problem in positive characteristic. arXiv: preprint.
Construction of covers in positive characteristic via degeneration. Erscheint in Proc. A.M.S.
Differential equations associated with nonarithmetic Fuchsian groups, with Martin Moeller. preprint.
Deformation data, Belyi maps, and the local lifting problem, with Stefan Wewers and Leonardo Zapponi. To appear in Trans. AMS.
Some 4-point Hurwitz numbers in positive characteristic, with Brian Osserman. Preprint.