My english is not so good, I hope you understand what I write here.

Files of the Z80 CP/M 3.1 BIOS (interface to yaze-bios) on the drive P: (if
yaze-ag is running).  Drive P: is connected to the disk file BIOS3 (see
.yazerc) :


bios	Is the part of the bios which is witten in Z80 assembler. It acts as
	an interface to the yaze-bios. Here are central definitions (drive
	tables, yaze control table (YCT), ...) which are essential for the
	whole system.

yaze-bios  Is the part of the bios which is written in C.


y.sub   Firstly it compiles the bios and generates a CPM3.SYS.
        Secondly is generate with PIP,cpm3.sys

	You start CP/M 3.1 by running You can run also
	under CP/M 3.1. The BOOTSYS loader transferes all firstly from bank 1
	to bank 0 with an interbank move before it relocates and starts
	CP/M 3.1. So you can restart CP/M 3.1 under CP/M 3.1 itselve (for
	example with a new BIOS version).
	You can also start CP/M 3.1 with if CP/M 2.2 runs.

	The file 'yaze-cpm3.boot' is identical with
	(yaze-ag loads yaze-cpm3.boot if -DBOOTSYS is given in the Makefile)

g.sub   make an interactive GENCPM and secondly the same as y.sub

p.sub   generate only

clean.sub make a cleanup of all temporary files

b.sub   was my submit file to develop BOOTSYS.Z80

cpmldr.sub generate the cpmldr
	(see the definitions in sysdef.lib. For booting CP/M 3.1 I use BOOTSYS)


BOOTSYS.Z80	Source of the the BOOTSYS (Sorry the comments are in german ;-)

		BOOTSYS is a new CP/M 3.1 loader. It relocates and places the
		banked and resident parts in CPM3.SYS to their right places
		into memory and starts CP/M 3.1

		It was necessary to develop an new loader because CPMLDR of
		DRI/Caldera or the ZPM3LDR of Simeon Cran does not handle a
		such big file. CPM3.SYS with alle drive tables for all
		drives A: - P: is 43 KB. When CPM3.SYS grows over 32 KB 
		CPMLDR/ZPM3LDR does not work.

BOOTSYS.COM	Compiled version (with Z80ASM bootsys/a )

	(For Information about BOOTSYS look to yaze-ag.doc (section "Some
	 words to BOOTSYS"), README_BOOTSYS and INSTALL-2.01)

BIOS Source Files:

SYSDEF.LIB	global system definions

BIOSKRNL.Z80	BIOS Kernl with the bios jump table

MMU.Z80		Routines and tables for initialicing the MMU (in yaze-ag)

YCT.Z80		Yaze Control Table: This file contents some important
		addresses which are used by the yaze-bios.
		The YCT itselve have the same entries as the @dtbl.
		The yaze-bios uses the entries in YCT to setup the
		entries in @dtbl if a drive is present (mounted) or not.
		The address of @dtbl and scb are also under the YCT so
		the yaze-bios knows about it.

		The yaze-bios also set up the @MEDIA flag in the SCB and
		the MF flag in the DPH's to indicate a disk change.

YDRVTBL.Z80	In this file are the @dtbl, the DPHs for 16 drives (A: .. P:),
		and the DPBs also for the 16 drives. I make all tables (ALV,
		CSV) over macros (I use the SLR Z80ASM).
		The Check Sum Vektors (CSV) and Allocation Vektors (ALV) are
		setup in dependence of MAXDRM and MAXDSM defined in sysdef.lib.
		Also the DSM, DRM and CKS fields in the DPB's.

		All drives uses sector size 2048 bytes as default. If you
		mount a disk file from yaze-1.10, yaze-ag-2.01 uses sector
		size 128.
		You can set all drive to use 128 byte sektors with the new
		monitor command '128'. This is necessary if you use a disk

SCB.Z80		The CP/M 3.1 System Control Block. There are only equals.

YAZEBIOS.LIB	Here are some definitions to use the yaze-bios.
		Used in MMU.Z80 and BIOSKRNL.Z80.

Misc Files:

GENCPM.DAT	Here are the definitions for System Generating by GENCPM.COM

GENCPM.COM	The Utility which generate CPM3.SYS from the files

IFNEW.COM	check files if they are new (F4 flag):
		 F4 not set (new file)  --> set errorlevel TRUE
				 -> all commands after a ":" in a submit file
				    will be executed
		 F4 is set (old file) --> set errorlevel FALSE

		Comment: IFNEW test and set the flag F4 (see SET command) of
			 all files which are given in the command line. If
			 only one file are new (F4 not set) errorlevel is TRUE.

CRC.COM		For check of the files.

LINKDR.COM	The Link-80 of Digital Research (V 1.31).
		I rename it to LINKDR.

SYS.Z80		A modified Version of the SYS-Utility.


If you find an error let me know and feel free and send an email to me.

Usefull informations are also in INSTALL-2.xx.x, yaze-ag.doc, yaze.doc,
yaze.1, cdm.1 and README_BOOTSYS !

22. November 2013
Andreas Gerlich
(University of Ulm, Germany)

only text emails please: address removed !!!