Yet Another Z80 Emulator (yaze-1.06)

Yaze is a Z80 and CP/M emulator designed to run on Unix systems.

The package consists of:

* an instruction set simulator which accurately imitates a real Z80

* a CP/M-2.2 bios written in C which runs on the Unix host but
  interacts with the simulated Z80,

* a monitor which loads CP/M into the simulated processor's ram and
  which makes Unix directories or files look like CP/M disks, and

* a separate program (cdm) which creates and manipulates CP/M disk
  images for use with yaze.

Yaze's "selling points", compared with previously available Z80
emulators, are:

* It emulates all documented and most undocumented processor-internal
  instructions and all flag bits (all 8, including the undocumented
  ones).  A test program is included in the package which exhaustively
  (well, nearly exhaustively) compares all instructions, for all
  machine states before and after execution, against the results from
  a real chip.

* It is independent of the host machine architecture and instruction
  set.  Written in ANSI standard C it is provided with full source
  code under the GNU General Public License.

* It supports all CP/M disk geometries in the form of images in Unix
  files or as read-only disks constructed on-the-fly from the contents
  of Unix directories.  These disks are indistinguishable from real
  disks for even the most inquisitive, low-level CP/M programs.  They
  can be mounted and unmounted at will during emulation.

Frank Cringle, October 1995

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This is the first release of yaze since version 1.06 came out about 2
years ago.

It was prompted by Michael Haardt's work on emulation of non-CP/M
Z80-Systems.  He contributed the io.c file and the bank switching
memory logic, which may provide a platform for running MP/M and UZI on 
the emulator.

Frank Cringle, January 1998