cdm(1)			  Local commands		   cdm(1)

       cdm - CP/M disk manager

       cdm file...

       cdm  gives access to the CP/M disk images used by yaze(1).
       With cdm you can create disks, copy files to and from  the
       Unix file system, list files and erase files from the CP/M

       Any files listed on the cdm command line are taken  to  be
       existing CP/M disk files and they are mounted successively
       to drive A, B, C, ... etc.

       The format of CP/M disk files (<CPM_Disk>) is described in
       yaze.doc and yaze-ag.doc.

       The  interactive	 interface to cdm mimics an extended CP/M
       clone.  The current disk and user  number  appear  in  the
       prompt  and  can	 be changed by entering DU: as a command,
       where D is any mounted disk letter (a .. p)  and	 U  is	a
       user  number  (cdm  allows  0  ..  31, although you should
       restrict yourself to numbers under 16 to remain compatible
       with CP/M).

       DU: can also be prefixed to any filename, to indicate that
       it is not on the current disk/user.  Two pseudo disks  can
       be  referenced  in the copy command: u and t.  These refer
       to files in the Unix file-system.  `u:file'  refers  to	a
       binary  Unix file and `t:file' refers to a text Unix file.
       The difference  is  that	 u:  files  are	 copied	 verbatim
       whereas	t: files undergo CRLF and ^Z processing appropri−
       ate for the copy direction (to or from CP/M).

       Command names can be shortened to a  unique  abbreviation.
       If  cdm was compiled with GNU Readline, command-line edit−
       ing, filename completion and history recall are	available
       - see the readline documentation.

       help   Display a command list

       help cmd
	      Give details about cmd

       mount  Mount a Unix file as a CP/M disk

       umount Unmount a CP/M disk

       dir    Display directory

       ls     Synonym for `dir'

       era    Erase CP/M file(s)

       cp     Copy one or more files (use wildcards)

       rename Rename a CP/M file

       type   Pipe a text file through $PAGER

       create Create a new disk
	      (modified	 by  Andreas Gerlich to create files with
	      sektor size 2048 bytes to use under CP/M 3.1)

       !      Execute a Unix command

       quit   Terminate cdm


       Frank D. Cringle
       Carl Mascott
       Andreas Gerlich
       only text emails please: address removed !!!

Frank/Carl/AGL  Hacks	 14 April 2004				2