YAZE-AG - Yet Another Z80 Emulator by AG (V 2.01)

(Windows binaries)

This web page describes what you have to do to download and install the binaries for Windows (without the cygwin environment).

What do you need to download?

First you must download two self extracting archives:

You needs always the disks and documentation:

What processor have your machine?

Choose one of the following packages:

Put the two self extracting archives in the directory where you want to install yaze-ag-2.01.


Go to the directory where you want to install yaze-ag-2.01.

Call yaze-ag-2_01--disks_and_doc.exe: The archive will extract a lot of files.

Then call the second archive with the yaze-ag-excecutables (for example yaze-ag-2_01--pentium3.exe)


How can you test if all is ok?

I put to the binary distribution the md5summ.exe programm (see www.md5summer.org). It tests all files with the "MD5 message digest".

I have generated the files "disks_and_doc.md5" and "yaze-ag.md5" which contents the MD5-message-digests of all files which are in the two archive files which you download/install. When you start md5summer.exe select "verify" and secondly select one of the MD5-files.

(Attention: If you have started yaze-ag, then some disk files will be changed. Md5summer tells an error for these files.)

How do you start yaze-ag-2.01?

You start the z80 emulator with the batch file "yaze.bat".

Do not start the binary yaze_bin.exe. It needs parameters which are defined in yaze.bat.

(See "Problems with the cygwin environment")

Problems with the cygwin environment (cygwin1.dll)

Sorry, my english language is not good. I hope you understand what I write here.

When I put the standalone binaries on a windows machine which have not the cygwin environment --> yaze do not run.

It tries to load "yaze-cpm3.boot" but the emulator crashes and produce a load of 100% (I see that in the taskmanager of windows).

Then when I install the cygwin environment in the system the executable yaze_bin.exe loads yaze-cpm3.boot correctly and CP/M 3.1 starts.

I was very surprised.

Then I try on the machine without cygwin if yaze-ag can load the CP/M 2.2 bootfile "yaze.boot" --> I was surpised too --> yaze-ag loads the file correctly and starts CP/M 2.2. (Then I can start CP/M 3.1 with the file CPM3.COM (Bootsys + cpm3.sys)).

Then I made a lot of tests and I found that yaze-ag/cygwin1.dll loads 33 bytes less of the file yaze-cpm3.boot. Then I add to the file yaze-cpm3.boot a file with zeros so that the file have now 56KB. But the emulator crashes also when I load this greater file. So I mean yaze-ag/cygwin1.dll skips 33 byte at the begin of the file yaze-cpm3.boot (and there is my BOOTSYS loader).

I test/compile for a whole week with all changes ... but yaze-ag loads "yaze-cpm3.boot" not correctly on a machine without the cygwin environment, but loads yaze.boot (CP/M 2.2) correctly. I can't understand that !!!

While yaze-ag loads yaze.boot correctly I have the idea to patch the CCP in yaze.boot to load at cold-boot time at once CPM3-OK.COM --> That works and so I can load CP/M 3.1 . I give that new boot file the name "yaze-cygwin-cpm3.boot". The batch file "yaze.bat" gives this file with the bootfile parameter (-b) to yaze_bin.exe.

All other files (disk-files, .yazerc) seems to be read correctly (tested with CRC.COM under CP/M) on a system without a cygwin environment.

21 December 2003

Andreas Gerlich (agl @ IRCNet)

(University of Ulm, Germany)

( Last change 21 December 2003)