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RemotePersistentObjects - delegation of PersistentObjects.Write to remote objects


PROCEDURE Init(object: PersistentObjects.Object);
PROCEDURE RegisterType(VAR type: Services.Type;
                       name, baseName: ARRAY OF CHAR);


RemotePersistentObjects allows the PersistentObjects.Write operation to be delegated from proxy objects to the associated remote object. Note that this technique causes the stream parameter which is passed to PersistentObjects.Write to be exported to the side of the original object (see RemoteStreams).

Both operations are to be called by that module which offers the RemoteObjects service for the object type of those objects which are to be supported by RemotePersistentObjects. RegisterType is to be called instead of PersistentObjects.RegisterType for the proxy object type during the initialization time. Init is to be called on the exporting side by the getParams interface procedure of RemoteObjects.


RemotePersistentObjects does not generate any errors itself. See Streams, RemoteObjects, and PersistentObjects for possible failures.


conversion of objects into a sequence of bytes and vice versa
access of remote objects
RemoteObjects service provider for streams of Streams


Currently, NetIO operations are not delegated from a proxy stream to the original stream. Consequently, RemotePersistentObjects works only as expected if

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